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Nursery Admissions

It is a very exciting experience to begin Nursery School and some children will be more confident than others.

The children are introduced to the Nursery class in stages according to the needs of each child and there is an opportunity for children to visit before they are admitted in the Autumn Term. This enables the children to familiarise themselves with the learning environment, meet the Nursery Staff and take part in some of the daily Nursery activities.

Two members of the Nursery staff will also conduct home visits at the start of the school year prior to admission into the nursery setting. This provides a valuable opportunity for your child to get acquainted with the Nursery staff in his/her own environment where he/she feels most comfortable and secure. During the visit one member of staff will chat to you about your child, the nursery and also answer any questions you may have. The other staff member will play with your child. The visit is intended to last no more that 20-25 minutes. We believe that the home visit is most beneficial in helping children to settle into school life.

Some children, who have not been to a pre-school or playgroup before, may find it difficult to settle. It can be a busy, bewildering and tiring time for your child as he/she learns to cope with the many new faces, routines and strange surroundings. Each child is different and therefore we will put together a gradual integration plan with you, so that your child is introduced to the Nursery on a gradual basis e.g. 1 hour a day for the first week building up to the full 3 hour session.

For some children it is best that the parent stays until their child is settled. For others the child settles more quickly when the parent leaves. The Nursery Staff will discuss this with you and work out the best way forward for you and your child. Obviously we hope this close liaison will continue throughout the years. Even if your child does not need your support and copes well with experiences in the Nursery class, we would be delighted if you would like to be involved and help in the Nursery whenever you are able.