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The school received its first short inspection visit from Ofsted on the 15th May 2018 since its last inspection in July 2014.

We are pleased to confirm the judgement made that we continue to be a good school.

The key findings included:

  • A key strength of the school is our work with parents and carers, which included the regular parent and pupil sessions on phonics and reading
  • The school’s emphasis on the professional development of the staff which they appreciate, the impact of this leads to a sharper focus on their planning of learning opportunities for individual pupils
  • Greater leadership capacity across the school
  • The schools investment in a programme focusing on learning behaviours (visible learning) the impact of which has been that teachers match pupils’ abilities to their learning needs
  • The Headteacher has a clear and accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for development
  • The improvement in the teaching of phonics
  • Work to strengthen the identification of children’s next steps in learning needs in the early years.
  • Safeguarding and the schools’ close work with external agencies and the lack of fear to challenge decisions.
  • Work of Governors, monitoring safeguarding procedures and gathering the views of pupils and their understanding of safeguarding.
  • Pupils enjoy school, feel safe and can share their worries with a member of staff.
  • Parents overwhelmingly positive about their children’s safety in school.
  • Teaching Assistants skilful in their questioning and use resources effectively to develop pupils’ vocabulary and understanding of texts.
  • The teaching of reading is consistent across all classrooms
  • The learning environment provides useful aids, displays of key vocabulary and reading targets helping to improve reading.
  • In the Early Years a strong focus on individual children’s learning needs.
  • The outdoor learning environment in the Early Years is used well to provide learning opportunities across all areas of learning.
  • Focused teaching activities which promote children’s reading, writing and mathematics skills well through effective questioning and use of resources.
  • The Headteacher’s unwavering focus on improving attendance rates. Work with the London Borough of Harrow’s Schools Attendance Liaison Officer, acting swiftly to challenge and work with parents when a pupil’s attendance falls below the threshold of 95%.

KPINS Short Inspection Report May 2018 below

The inspection report of the school is also available on the  Ofsted website.

For additional school-level data check the performance table link.