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Schools Financial benchmarking & Private School fund

The school receives an annual budget based on pupils numbers and other related factors. This funding is then split across a range of cost centres  which include: staffing costs, utilities, premises costs, curriculum expenditure linked to the school improvement priorities and other services.  The school expenditure is scrutinised by the governing body and regular audits are conducted by the local authority to ensure compliance with  the schools financial regulations. 

Our aim is to make the best use of the  delegated budget to provide a high quality teaching and learning for our pupils. 

Please find documents attached:

Schools financial benchmarking data. 

School Financial Information:

Number of school employees who have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more. 1

The school also has an unofficial fund otherwise referred to as the Private School Fund.  This account hold funds that the school raises to support and enhance the learning and enrichment of the pupils. The Use of The Private School Fund Policy and Terms of Reference can be found below.  

The Private School Fund is also audited annually, and the report is also shared below.