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parental controls

Parental controls are software and tools that you can install on computers, phones and other ‘devices’ to manage what online content different family members can see, when they can go online or to prevent them from downloading apps or making ‘in-app purchases’.

At school

The school has internet access and WiFi. There are computers and tablets (iPads). Of course, internet safety is a very high priority and we make sure to protect everyone who uses our equipment by ensuring that we follow recommended practice and have systems in place for web-filtering, protection against computer viruses, email spam, etc. We subscribe to technical services to set these systems up and maintain them.

At home and outside

Of course, not everyone is a computer expert, but there is plenty of guidance and information for parents and carers on… the internet! In fact, there is a huge amount, which can become confusing. Here, we aim to give you one or two resources only, but ones that we think are among the most useful.

Introducing Internet Matters
(Click the picture for YouTube video)

Internet Matters is a not-for-profit organisation that has a simple purpose – to help keep children safe in the digital world. Backed by prominent internet industry players, BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, and supported by child online safety experts. Offers advice and information available on tackling e-safety issues.

Click or tap the picture to watch a YouTube video that introduces how Internet Matters can help parents:

  • make the internet safer
  • find great resources on one website
  • with simple but effective tips for tackling issues.

Parental controls for your home and mobile devices

One of the exceptional features of the Internet Matters website is the section that describes what parental controls are available to filter or block different types of content and protect your children from things they shouldn’t see or do online, together with step-by-step guides to setting them up.

Internet Matters parental controls (Click the picture to view)

There is plenty of explanation about what you can do, divided into three categories:

Broadband & mobile networks

Controls here will allow you to restrict access to inappropriate websites, for example. There are specific instructions for each of the most common internet access providers (BT, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin) that you can save or print. There are similar guides for mobile operators, too.


Broadband and mobile network controls will not restrict purchases or some other content such as games. iPads, Xboxes, Android tablets and mobile phones all have their own controls. So does Windows, MacOS. Internet matters has detailed guidance for controlling each one.

Entertainment & search engines

Netflix, Google, YouTube, online gaming consoles all have their own controls, for example for age-related content. Internet Matters covers how to manage each of these, too.

Many of these resources are not of interest to our children, but you may find them useful if you have older children, too. Click or tap the picture to go to the introduction page for parental controls, from where you can click through to more detailed content. Or, to go straight to the interactive guide and choose your specific service provider or device, click or tap here.